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How to install Grand Prix 4

This article covers two different ways to correctly install GP4.

IMPORTANT! It is recommended to install (or extract) GP4 to your Home directory, not the default Program Files directory.

IMPORTANT! The first time you play GP4, you will be prompted to configure the graphics and sound. After this is completed, you should exit the game, and then restart the game.

Option 1 - Using your original CD

  1. Install GP4 from your CD or ISO
  2. Install the Official v9.6 patch
  3. Replace GP4.exe with the Decrypted No-CD GP4.exe
  4. Run the game and configure graphics / sound, then exit
  5. Install GPxPatch by SDI Utilities
  6. Run the game again

Option 2 - Download Grand Prix 4 from GP4 Central

Download Grand Prix 4 here

The GP4 Central version of GP4 is already patched with the Official v9.6 patch, the Decrypted No-CD exe and the latest version of GPxPatch. You just extract it, and play!

Remember to restart the game after configuring your graphics and sound (see step 4 above).

GP4 gives "please insert CD" message

A common error message when running GP4 is 'Please insert CD', even if the decrypted, no-cd exe is used.

The cause of this error is simple - if you have no actual DVD/CD drive in your PC or laptop, you will receive this error.

The solution is to mount an ISO image of the GP4 CD using a tool such as WinCDEmu.

On Windows 10 you can simply right-click the .iso and select Mount.

How to install tracks in GP4

There are lots of ways to replace the original 17 tracks. You can:

  1. Use GPxTrack, part of the GPxPatch program;
  2. Directly replace the files in your GP4 folder;
  3. Use TrackSet Manager (TSM). TSM is part of the ZaZ Tools package;
  4. Use another tool such as Duffer's Track Installer.

This tutorial explains Option 1 "Using GPxTrack" because it is the best option by far!

What files make a track?

Here are the files that are required for a track:

IMPORTANT! Typically you should not rename the .wad file; it should use one of the original 17 .wad filenames.

Steps for installing a track

  1. Place all of the track files in one folder. Do not place more than one track's files in the folder [see example].
  2. Open GPxPatch and select the GPxTrack tab. There are 17 slots, one for each track. Click Edit, and then browse to the .dat file of the track you want to use in that slot.
  3. Run GP4 and check your track is working.

REMEMBER! You cannot have more than 17 tracks in GP4, because that is how many there were in 2001.

For more information about GPxTrack see the GPxPatch documentation at SDI Utilities.

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