Easter Island

18-Oct-2019 - 27-Oct-2019

Hotlap Event

Round 4 and we've landed on Easter Island for the mighty Rapa Nui (Easter Island) by salvasirignano.

Make sure you increase the max. track length to 10km in GPxTrack for this one.

Submit your saved hotlap file below.

Final Standings

Pos.No.Ctrl.DriverTeamSplit 1Split 2LaptimeGap
154digitalJ.L.M.McLaren - Renault0:47.3631:37.0732:15.047
Speedtrap: 310.68 km/h - J.L.M., McLaren RenaultDownload Download all replays

Game Settings

Configure your game settings as follows:

Game Setting Correct Value
Replay Length At least 5 minutes
Game Mode Free Practise
AI Level Pro
Track Slot 4

Event closed

This event is not open for submissions.

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