06-Sep-2019 - 15-Sep-2019

Hotlap Event

Welcome to the Season 6 opener at Jangka-Mardarni by AUS_Doug!

Remember that you may only use each car once in the championship, so choose wisely!

Submit your saved hotlap file below.

Final Standings

Pos.No.Ctrl.DriverTeamSplit 1Split 2LaptimeGap
199analogjcarantiSauber - Ferrari0:22.1930:39.7960:55.755
254digitalJ.L.M.Sauber - Ferrari0:23.1300:40.8370:56.930+1.175
35analogTomMKFerrari - Ferrari0:22.6690:40.5850:57.034+1.279
482analogGareth McCarthyMcLaren - Renault0:25.3390:43.8641:01.096+5.341
566analogDoug SpangenbergRed Bull - Tag-Heuer0:25.1720:44.6591:01.371+5.616
686digitalCaOssRenault - Renault0:25.6180:44.9421:02.052+6.297
Speedtrap: 327.85 km/h - Doug Spangenberg, Red Bull Tag-HeuerDownload Download all replays

Game Settings

Configure your game settings as follows:

Game Setting Correct Value
Replay Length At least 5 minutes
Game Mode Free Practise
AI Level Pro
Track Slot 1

Event closed

This event is not open for submissions.

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