Chinese Grand Prix

12-Apr-2019 - 22-Apr-2019

Hotlap Event

Round 3 at Shanghai 2011 by F1 Virtual. Please download the Beta 3 update of the 2018 CSM Mod from the Downloads page before submitting your lap.

Submit your saved hotlap file below.

Final Standings

Pos.No.Ctrl.DriverTeamSplit 1Split 2LaptimeGap
199analogJcarantiHaas - Ferrari0:21.8960:49.0721:31.100
227digitalNicoHSauber - Ferrari0:22.1590:49.3331:31.560+0.460
35digitalTomMKMercedes - Mercedes0:22.3640:49.7841:32.114+1.014
454digitalJ.L.M.Toro Rosso - Honda0:22.2520:49.6861:32.367+1.267
534digitalshep34Renault - Renault0:22.7290:51.2401:34.643+3.543
666analogDoug SpangenbergRenault - Renault0:23.0070:52.0001:35.458+4.358
Speedtrap: 322.96 km/h - Doug Spangenberg, Renault RenaultDownload Download all replays

Game Settings

Configure your game settings as follows:

Game Setting Correct Value
Replay Length At least 5 minutes
Game Mode Free Practise
AI Level Pro
Track Slot 3

Event closed

This event is not open for submissions.

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