Hotlaps Season 5

Welcome to the homepage of the GP4 Central Hotlap Championship Season 5!

If you'd like to join in, just make sure you're familiar with how the competition works and the rules below.

See you on track! Happy GP4 hotlapping!

Season Event Roster

pre1pre1 Pre-Season Testing 1*Hotlap15-Feb-19 - 25-Feb-19
pre2pre2 Pre-Season Testing 2*Hotlap01-Mar-19 - 11-Mar-19
11 Australian Grand PrixHotlap15-Mar-19 - 25-Mar-19
22 Bahrain Grand PrixHotlap29-Mar-19 - 08-Apr-19
33 Chinese Grand PrixHotlap12-Apr-19 - 22-Apr-19
44 Azerbaijan Grand PrixHotlap26-Apr-19 - 06-May-19
55 Spanish Grand PrixHotlap10-May-19 - 20-May-19
66 Monaco Grand PrixHotlap24-May-19 - 03-Jun-19
77 Canadian Grand PrixHotlap12-Jun-19 - 20-Jun-19
88 French Grand PrixHotlap21-Jun-19 - 01-Jul-19

* = non-championship event.

Championship Table

Pos.No.Driver Pre
882Gareth McCarthy674
1066Doug Spangenberg4566675

How it works

The GP4 Central Hotlap Championship is a casual offline racing competition, open to all GP4 players. Each event is a Hotlap competition - using game mode "Free Practise", complete your single fastest lap possible.

There's no need to sign up or commit to every event, you just submit your results during the events and check your standings immediately on the Live Leaderboard!

Custom Game

The championship uses a custom version of Grand Prix 4 which all competitors must use. During events, the tracks will be made available for download from the events page.

You should not make any alterations to the custom game with one exception (see next paragraph). This is both to ensure fairness, and also so that we can swap replay files (this only works if the game is identical for all players).

The only alteration you may make to the game files is to change one driver name, number and nationality to your own in the performance file (/Data/Performance/performance.txt). This is the name that will be shown on the competition leaderboards.

Custom tracks should be installed using GPxTrack.

Get Involved!

To enter, simply download the custom GP4 version and the track for the current event-in-progress. Remember to configure the game settings according to the info given on the Event Page before you start driving!

When you have nailed that perfect lap, save your hotlap before you exit the game. Upload your replay file to GP4 Central on the Event Page and then check the standings on the live leaderboard!

The Rules

Valid Entries & General Rules

1.1 : A valid entry consists of a single replay file that competitors upload to GP4 Central. If the file passes the HOFxLap validation, it is submitted to the competition.

1.2 : Participants must use the same name and number throughout the season.

1.3 : Participants must use the correct Game Settings as stated on the Event Page.

1.4 : When an Event uses a custom track, participants must install the track into the correct track slot (1-17) as stated on the Event Page.

1.5 : When using the "Restore Car State" feature of GPxLap, participants must set their reset point far enough in advance of the start line to avoid replay corruption. If a driver submits a corrupted replay, their laptime will be removed and their previous laptime reinstated.

1.6 : Participants must use a different team car for each event. The same team car may not be used twice during the season. Since there are 10 event in Season 5, and 10 teams, each team car may be used once only.

Modification of Game Files & Settings

2.1 : Participants must use the custom version of GP4 as stated on the Championship Homepage.

2.2 : Participants are permitted to change one driver name and number to their own in the performance file. Changes to any other values such as the performance grip or power values for any cars are prohibited.

2.3 : "Player car performance team dependant: Power & Grip" must be checked in GPxPatch (GPxSet).

2.4 : The number of cars running in Free Practise mode in GPxPatch (GPxSet) may be set to any number.

2.5 : Sound files may be changed.

2.6 : Steering wheel shape & texture may be changed.

Driving Standards

3.1 : The track edges may not be crossed. If all 4 wheels cross the lines at the edge of the track at any time, the entry will be invalid. This will be determined firstly by the HOFxLap output of the lap, and secondly by visual inspection.

3.1.1 : If a driver is shown to have crossed the track lines, their laptime will be removed and their previous laptime reinstated.

3.1.2 : Any participant may appeal any other's laptime after visual inspection up to 48 hours after the end of an event. Participants are reminded that such appeals should not be made in an unsporting manner.

3.2 : Contact with barriers or other cars must not be used to gain an advantage.

3.3 : Driving standards will be judged at the discretion of the event referee.


4.1 : Competitors shall be ranked by number of wins, then 2nd place finishes, then 3rd place finishes, etc.

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